ReSiTec is proud to announce that we have been awarded funding for a research project on cobalt free lithium ion batteries. The project is awarded in the Horizon 2020 Framework programme by the European Commission.

Together with a large number of international market leading industrial and scientific partners, ReSiTec will tackle all aspects of the next generation environmentally friendly lithium ion batteries. Challenges both on the microscopic (anode, cathode and electrolyte) and whole system (smart monitoring, unit assembly, long term performance) levels are addressed. Moreover, an underlying focus on sustainability is key, avoiding Co characterized by conflict, and utilizing recycled raw materials for production.

The project constitutes almost one hundred man-years in total, and it will occupy ReSiTec project engineers for a total of 3 man-years. Project start-up is in January 2020, with a duration of 4 years.