Powder & Slurry Technology

Vil du være en del av teamet i ReSiTec?

We are looking for new colleagues! The rest of this text in Norwegian, for practical purposes. Vi søker etter prosessoperatører til arbeid i ReSiTec sine anlegg på Krossen i Kristiansand og Glamsland i Lillesand.

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Future Materials

FutureMat will provide technical services in a circular economy and help develop tomorrow’s advanced materials and products. In this way, the center will help Norwegian companies to have a leading global position also in the future.

The ambition is to establish a world leading, technology center, which offers services to the country’s many small and medium-sized companies. Through cooperation with other research companies and clusters, the center will become a national brand for companies that rely on using future materials in their products.

Technologically, FutureMat is building on expertise that is found in networks where SINTEF Materials and Chemicals and the Department of Energy Technology have a significant position. The most important are ReSiTec, Arendal Fossekompani, Elkem, Castor Drilling and Eyde Cluster.

Eyde cluster

EIT Raw Materials

Horizon 2020 Cabriss