Silicon Products

Production of silicon powder

Resitec has extensive knowledge and experience in production of silicon powders and recycling of silicon materials generated during solar cell manufacturing in the photovoltaic (PV) industry. The company has built and operated several recycling factories in Norway and Asia. In Norway, Resitec is producing high purity, micronized silicon powder that is sold to advanced applications like batteries and ceramics (ReSiTec®1M Silicon). The material is recycled from PV wafer manufacturing, has very low contents of impurities, and the average particle size is approximately 1 micron. With its beneficial production cost and low CO2 footprint, Resitec recycled silicon is preferred to traditional crushed silicon for a number of applications.

Resitec has a broad international network within the silicon industry and is participating in several EU and EIT Raw Materials financed projects concerning silicon powders as important raw materials. Within these projects, Resitec generates a circular economy for side streams of the PV industry for development of new advanced materials.

ReSiTec offers

  • Micronized high-purity silicon powder for advanced applications like Li-ion battery anodes (Resitec 1M), ceramics, explosives and more.
  • Solutions for recycling of silicon kerf
  • Toll manufacturing services


Through production experience and close cooperation with international networks, ReSiTec has gained significant knowledge in powder and slurry handling and treatment. We own a full scale pilot plant, fully fitted with laboratories. ReSiTec offers:
pre-studies, bench scale testing and laboratory analysis – design and development of equipment and processes solutions – testing and verification in pilot scale – characterization and analysis of powder and slurry – process engineering – project execution