Recycling and toll manufacturing

Process development and toll manufacturing

ReSiTec is operating a beneficiation plant outside Kristiansand where we produce various metal and mineral powders. The plant is available for customers requiring toll manufacturing services or facilities to develop new processes and products. Many of our assignments are connected to purification and recycling of valuable raw materials.

Process equipment

  • Crushing
  • Milling
  • Classification
  • Flotation and chemical treatment
  • Dewatering
  • Drying
  • Magnet separation
  • Electrostatic separation

There are several parallel product lines in the production plant, offering a high degree of flexibility in implementing custom production schemes for pilot testing or tailored regular production. The equipment size and capacity ranges from bench-top equipment scale (kg) to industrial scale (tons).

ReSiTec offers

  • Toll manufacturing of metal and mineral powders
  • Support in recycling services
  • Development services in small-, intermediate- and large-scale equipment

Through production experience and close cooperation with international networks, ReSiTec has gained significant knowledge in powder and slurry handling and treatment. We own a full scale pilot plant, fully fitted with laboratories. ReSiTec offers:
pre-studies, bench scale testing and laboratory analysis – design and development of equipment and processes solutions – testing and verification in pilot scale – characterization and analysis of powder and slurry – process engineering – project execution