Production of Silicon Powder

ReSiTec is a producer of silicon powder. As the silicon metal is reclaimed from PV production, the contents of impurities are very low.

Resitec can offer customized particle size distributions in the range between 0-150µm. ReSiTec is operating a jet mill capable of milling down powders to 2.0 µm without adding impurities to the material. For safety reasons, milling is done in inert atmosphere.

The silicon powder is sold to various applications such as refractory and ceramics industry, electronics, explosives and PV.

Product data sheets are found here: Product Data Sheet RST99-2 and Product Datasheet RST99-5.

Production of Mineral Powders

ReSiTec is operating a beneficiation plant outside Kristiansand where we produce purified quartz powder. The raw quartz is treated through a series of process steps:

  • Crushing (jaw crusher, cone crusher, rod-mills)
  • Flotation, chemical treatment
  • Dewatering
  • Drying
  • Magnet separation
  • Storage

The product has SiO2 above 99,6% and low content of B, P, Al and Fe. Particle size is 75 to 750 µm.

The plant has several parallel production lines and possibilities of running pilot campaigns and toll manufacturing for customers that need capacity to develop or produce new products.

Through production experience and close cooperation with international networks, ReSiTec has gained significant knowledge in powder and slurry handling and treatment. We own a full scale pilot plant, fully fitted with laboratories. ReSiTec offers:
pre-studies, bench scale testing and laboratory analysis – design and development of equipment and processes solutions – testing and verification in pilot scale – characterization and analysis of powder and slurry – process engineering – project execution